Sunday, November 17, 2013

More Late Roman Basic Impetus

November's Saturday Afternoon Wargame(TM) saw us having another go at Basic Impetus with my (slowly) growing collection of 6mm Late Romans.

Rob and Jamie took on the roles of opposing Roman officials (the Comes Saxoni Litoris and the Governor of Britannia Secundus respectively).  I supported Rob with a bunch of Saxon foederati whilst Andy ran a bunch of Welsh and Irish mercenaries in Jamie's service.

The battlefield was fairly unexciting - mostly open but with a few scattered woods.

Saxons (left foreground) and Rob's Romans (right foreground) face
off against Jamie's Cumbrogi (left background) and Andy's Romans. 
Early on I had a unit of Saxon skirmishers run down by a Cumbrogi warband.  Then, frustratingly, one of my expensive Goth mercenary cavalry units was routed by some Roman light horse.

The hole in front of the Equites Dalmatae with the blue shields
is where another Gothic medium cavalry unit used to be!
The centre of the field degenerated into a massive scrum.

A massive scrum yesterday.
Saxons in the foreground.

Jamie and Rob take stock...
... whilst Andy holds forth on the unreliability of Gildas as a source.
Alas, a large Cumbrogi warband gets the worse of a fight with the
Saxons and is routed.
The Crisis - Rob's red Legionary units (among the last not taken to
mainland Europe by Constantine) fight Jamie's Equites Alares.

The final position - the Equites Alares have been routed.
In the end Rob was the clear winner with all three of the other forces having been routed.

I like Basic Impetus and intend to keep producing more Late Romans.  Probably Legionarii next to replace the Irregular Republicans I'm using as stand-ins.

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