Saturday, November 30, 2013

Expedition to Moria Rules

Here are the rules for the Expedition to Moria dungeon crawl.  They should be fairly self-explanatory.

Expedition to Moria

Each player starts with four figures.
Determine first player randomly then proceed clockwise around the table.
Each player may make two actions:
  • Move (6”)
  • Fight
  • Charge (move then fight)
  • Search (not if you’re fighting)
  • Heal (not if you’re fighting)

Sequence of play
1st Action
Check for wandering monsters if rounding corner or entering room
2nd Action
Check for wandering monsters who charge if unengaged

Roll 1d6 for each side. Add number of figures (Dwarves or men) Add half number of figures (Orcs)
Score < opponents Lose one figure
Score < 1/2 opponents Lose two figures (Dwarves/Men), Rout (Orcs)

Roll 1d6:
1 Secret door
2 Nothing (Secret door if you have the Helm of Clear Sight)
3 Nothing
4 Nothing
5 Treasure
6 Treasure

Roll 1d6:
5 or 6 heals a casualty

Costs one action to escape. Roll 1d6:
Anything but a 1 allows you to escape.  

Wandering Monsters
Present on 3-6, roll again for type:
1-4 2d3 Orcs
5 Trap
6 Cave Troll (counts as four Dwarves)

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