Monday, November 11, 2013

Millie's Pulp Alley League

Millie and I got together at the weekend with my collection of pulp figures and Millie planned out her own Pulp Alley league.  It's called the League of Super Evil:

Jessicca von Troken

Health d10, Brawl 3d8, Shoot 2d10, Dodge 3d8, Might 2d10, Finesse 3d10, Cunning 3d10
Lucky Devil - when this leader activates, the opponent cannot play any fortune cards.
Iron Will - As an action this leader may roll and immediate recovery check.
Hard Boiled - Enemy characters suffer a 1d penalty when dodging this leader's attacks.


Health d8, Brawl 3d8, Dodge 3d8, Might 2d8, Finesse 3d6, Cunning 2d6
Animal - may not shoot.  Adds +1 die to two other skills (included above).
Speedy - may run up to 16" instead of 12"

Dr Ludwig van Beefoven

Health d6, Brawl 1d6, Shoot 3d6, Dodge 1d6, Might 1d6, Finesse 1d6, Cunning 1d6
Marksman - Shoot is increased by 1 die (included above)

Do Susan (pronounced Doe Shoo Shan)

Health d6, Brawl 2d6, Shoot 1d6, Dodge 3d6, Might 1d6, Finesse 1d6, Cunning 1d6
Agile - Dodge increased by 1d (included above)

Angus McNee

Health d6*, Brawl 1d6, Shoot 1d6, Dodge 2d6, Might 1d6, Finesse 2d6, Cunning 1d6
Savvy - Finesse increased by 1d (included above)

Samuel Darby

Health d6*, Brawl 2d6, Shoot 1d6, Dodge 1d6, Might 1d6, Finesse 1d6, Cunning 1d6
Fierce - Brawl increased by 1d (included above)


Phil said...

Original and beautiful figures...

Bluebear Jeff said...

It looks like Dr. van Beefoven is an Ally, so should have another Ability rated at 2d6 . . .

. . . and that Angus McNee (a Follower) shouldn't have 2d6 for Dodge.

But overall it looks like an interesting League.

-- Jeff