Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Buffy Summers - Pulp Hero

I recently finished the last of the Ground Zero Games not-really-Buffy-the-Vampire-Slayer-honest figures I bought at Triples about five years ago!  To celebrate I thought I'd have a go at producing a couple of Pulp Alley leagues using them.  First up is the Scoobie Gang.

Buffy Summers

Health d10, Brawl 2d10, Shoot 3d8, Dodge 3d10, Might 3d10, Finesse 2d10, Cunning 2d8
Muscles of Steel - Brawl and Might not lowered due to injuries.
Rugged - May reroll one Health Check die per fight when brawling.
Extraordinary - Increase one of her d8 skills to d10 (included above).

Willow Rosenberg

Health d8, Brawl 2d8, Shoot 3d8, Dodge 2d6, Might 2d6, Finesse 3d8, Cunning 3d8.
Deductive - As an action may draw one Fortune card.
Shrewd - Dodge or Cunning not lowered due to injuries.

Rupert Giles

Health d6, Brawl 1d6, Shoot 1d6, Dodge 1d6, Might 1d6, Finesse 2d6, Cunning 2d6
Specialist - Once per turn may increase die type for Cunning of Might.

Xander Harris

Health d6, Brawl 1d6, Shoot 2d6, Dodge 1d6, Might 2d6, Finesse 1d6, Cunning 1d6
Athletic - Once per turn, shift this character's die type up when rolling for Might or Finesse.

Tara McClay

Health d6*, Brawl 1d6, Shoot 1d6, Dodge 1d6, Might 1d6, Finesse 1d6, Cunning 2d6
Clever - Cunning increase by +1 die (included above).

League Perk:  Greater Purpose - don't lose the initiative when an ally/follower is wounded.

Those of you who know the series will notice that the Xander figure isn't.  He's an old Call of Cthulhu type who had suitably floppy hair.  He'll do until I find something better.

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Bluebear Jeff said...

Oops! Buffy should have one more 3-dice Ability (you get 4) and one more d10 Ability (you start with 4 and added a fifth with Extraordinary).

Willow should have one fewer d8 Ability (you only get 3; the other three are at d6).

-- Jeff