Thursday, October 28, 2010

1960s Soviet Motor Rifles

I did a bit of research as to what was appropriate for a late 1960s Soviet force. This Cold War Commander org is based on Ian Shaw’s Leopard lists (available in the files area of the TO&Es Yahoogroup).

Soviet Motor Rifle Regiment, 1961-67


2x Recce PT76, 2x Recce BRDM1

2x ZSU57-2 or ZPU2, Lt Trucks

3 Motor Rifle Battalions


8x Infantry w RPG-2, 6x APC

0-2x 120mm Mortar, Lt Truck

0-1x B11 107mm RCL, APC

1 Tank Battalion


8x Tanks

Regt Howitzer Battery

2x 122mm How, Trucks

Regt Engineer Coy

1x T34 AVLB or MTU1 or MTU20

1x Engineers, BTR152

Regt AT Battery

2x T-12, Trucks or 2x BRDM1 Snapper or 2x BRDM1 Swatter

Regt AA Battery

2x ZPU-2 or 2x ZSU57-2

Divisional Heavy Tank / Assault Gun Battalion


8x Tanks


APCs may be BTR152 or BTR50 or BTR60P or BTR60PA. My current assumption is that all APCs in the regiment should be of the same type.

Tanks within the Regiment may be T-54, T-55 or T-62.

The Divisional Heavy Tank / Assault Gun Battalion is included as a possible attachment (and because it’s fun to have some fancy kit to play with). “Tanks” could be T-10 or T-10M heavies or IT-122 or IT-130 self-propelled guns.

The CO stand should probably be modelled with a BTR-50PU or a BTR-60PU, accompanied by a BRDM-1. HQs may have the command version of the appropriate APC type. ZPU-2 AA guns and/or radio trucks are suitable additions to any command stand.

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