In the last couple of years I've rediscovered the TacWWII rules by Chris Pringle and Nick Mitchell. 

They (the rules not Chris and Nick) are old-school in terms of production design but none-the-worse for that. 

I thought I'd add a page here to give people an easy way to access my various posts on the rules and how I use them.

The Rules in Use

Stary Boleslav - thoughts on setting up a TacWWII game

Blatno - playing though a few turns of TacWWII 

Tactical Cards - a useful add-on?

Adapting Scenarios to TacWWII

Rapid Fire - converting RF scenarios to TacWWII

Bob Mackenzie - adapting the master's scenarios to TacWWII

After Action Reports

Stary Boleslav - Soviets vs Czechoslovaks, Summer 1948 (fictional)

Romagny - US versus Germans, August 1944

Zossen - Soviets versus Germans in the final days of WWII (featuring a Maus!)

Rommel versus de Gaulle - a fictional encounter between two of the early champions of armoured warfare

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