Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Penkridge Painting Progress

Somewhat unusually, I've made pretty good progress on painting my purchases from January's Penkridge tabletop sale.

Latest finished is the laser-cut Koenigsstrasse building from Commission Figurines.  I've not painted a lot of the details - I just wanted to give the general idea of a burned out shell.

Then there's the Sharkmen, who are now deemed to be Atlanteans for my Pulp Alley games.  I've now varnished them and provided them with a leader.

And then there are the Host Alpha aliens.  I can't claim responsibility for these as they are Millie's paint job.

And finally the T-34s.  These only needed taking out of their display cases but one of them's had a green repaint.

So three months after that shopping trip I have only eight cataphracts and five aliens left to paint!  Oh and some vacc formed scenery I might tart up a bit.

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