Thursday, April 12, 2018

Crisis Point 2018

This past weekend saw a company of stout yeoman gamers descend on Dungworth from all corners of the Kingdom to play in the annual Crisis Point gaming weekend.

We took possession of the school hall on Friday afternoon and it was a pleasure to welcome returnees Ian, Andy, and Richard P as well as new boy Mark J who had all come along to help with the set-up.

There were slightly fewer tables this year than on previous occasions.  We briefly considered raiding the old village hall for trestle tables but in the end we decided to make a virtue of necessity.  A smaller table would mean all forces getting into action earlier and give us a good chance of getting to a climactic battle on Sunday.

We managed to get the tables pretty well set up by a little before beer o'clock.  Sadly, however, I don't seem to have taken any successful shots of the whole table.

On Saturday morning the gang all turned up.  We had Rob and Russ returning for the first time in several years, Tom and local lad Gabriel with us for the first time, and regulars Arthur, Leo, Kevin, and Jamie back again from last year.

Tom definitely got into the spirit of the game -
his portrayal of Solomon Rubenstein, the Andreivian
Minister of War went far beyond silly hats.

Andreivian propaganda posters await the advancing Turks

Silly hats were de riguer for the defenders of Tcherbevan

The Black Sea was alive with ships

An Andreivian Mk V tanks advances across
friendly trenches to take on Johnny Turk

Whilst another passes the fort at the heart of the Dvimin Line

Meanwhile more Andreivian forces defend the rear against
Russ's advancing Bolsheviks
The Turkish Navy stands ready to lend a hand

The northeast corner of the table with the walled city
of Kedelkalak in the background - loverly work
by the Wet-Nurse of Andreivia, Richard Phillips.

The Andreivian Air Force takes to the sky!
White Russian Cossacks charge the rear of the Andreivian National Police
unit guarding the English Church in Tchervbevan. The capture and
subsequent slaughter of the policemen is set to become an Anti-Russian
rallying point for the Andreivians.  Remember the English Church!
The factory was the site of fierce fighting on Sunday

Everyone converged on the city
So who won in the end?  You know what?  I don't really care; it was a great weekend and we got some enjoyable gaming and good socialising under our belts.

Thank you all who attended.  I'm already making plans for next year!


Pete. said...

Looks like it wasa cracking game- glad you had fun.



Tales from Shed HQ said...

Fantastic weekend as always. Game looked superb and great fun was had by all. Top Chaps, Top Food, Top Beer, Top Game!!!!

Roll on 2019


Richard P

Counterpane said...

Thanks Pete.

Counterpane said...

Dead right, RP.