Saturday, May 25, 2019

Pavis Buildings

Inspired by a recent, Glorantha-set game of Song of Blades and Heroes, I've been enthused to complete the Pavis building seen under construction in the previous post.

Casting about for inspiration on what to add to the base, I came across a box of textured blue foam I got from the Firedragon Games Kickstarter.  As it was my first use of the material, I decided to build a simple structure.  I think of it as some sort of strongroom, perhaps belonging to a merchant or to one of the cults.

Like the previous building on the left, the roof is made from wooden coffee stirrers.  I'm convinced Pavis must rely on a significant timber import trade.  This will mostly be, I guess, down the River of Cradles from Shadows Dance.

I'm reasonably pleased with these buildings but I've noticed that I need to paint the visible part of the roof-beam inside the house.


BigRedBat said...

Very nice, Richard!

Counterpane said...

Thanks Simon!

Baconfat said...

Two beautiful buildings, Wargames Illustrated quality. The wooden tops are painted perfectly. I'd love to know your paint mixes.