Sunday, May 2, 2021

Wargames Emporium is Open!

Jamie and I popped into Sheffield city centre for the first time in weeks (if not months) on Saturday. I visited Waterstones to order a book for Stella's birthday and then went next-door to Wargames Emporium. It was great to be able to browse in a real games shop!

I came away with the box of Prussian infantry I've been planning on getting dice I admitted my desire to do Napoleonic Sharp Practice in 28mm.

This box should give me a whole Prussian force to pit against Richard Phillips's forthcoming Russians.

Having decided to liberate the moths in my wallet, it was only polite to purchase a resin torture chamber by Zitterdes (it'll doubtless appear in the next game in the Song of Pavis campaign) and a nice, new red sable paintbrush.

Jamie took advantage of the nine-for-£20 offer on Vallejo paints fo I'll have plenty of opportunities to try out the new brush!

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Tales from Shed HQ said...

Excellent little haul there Richard and Jamie 👍