Saturday, February 17, 2024

Crisis Point, 6th and 7th April 2024

This year's Crisis Point wargaming weekend has the theme "Invasion". It will take place at a new venue, Dungworth Village Hall in Dungworth, and will feature three games set during the Cold War period.


Presented by Richard Crawley

4-8 players. TacWWII rules.

A game for 4 to 8 players set during a fictional Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia in 1948. 

This game sees two Soviet command teams racing to be the first to reach the Czechoslovak city of Stary Boleslav. For the winner there’s the prospect of being awarded the Order of Suvorov (Second Class), while for the loser there’s the very real possibility of being appointed to command the security detachment of a chemical weapons research facility. In Kazakhstan!

Meanwhile the Czechoslovak command team will be tasked with defending two major highways converging on the city. But with what forces? The political situation is confused. Have pro-Soviet elements been successfully purged from the Czechoslovak Army? 

We’ll be using the TacWWII fast play grand tactical rules. They are easy to learn - no previous experience necessary and put players firmly in the seat of the brigade commander while still giving a decent impression what’s happening right down to platoon level.


Presented by Andy Taylor and Neil McCusker

2-6 players. Cold War Commander 2.0 rules.

Another game set during the fictional Soviet Invasion of Czechoslovakia in 1948.

Soviet forces have have crossed the Czechoslovak border from eastern Germany and Poland. One of the main axes of attack is Wroclaw - Hradec Kralove - Prague.  Czechoslovak army elements are defending at Česka Skalice on this route and something of a traffic jam has developed behind the Soviets’ Forward Detachment. The Forward Detachment is ordered to brush these defenders aside and push on towards Hradec Kralove.

Cold War Commander is another easy to learn set of rules, the new edition of which was recently published by Pendraken.


Presented by Mark Kniveton

3-5 players. Modified Chain of Command rules.

D Company, 2 PARA launches a night assault on Argentinian 12th Infantry Regiment positions near Military Air Base Condor at Goose Green on East Falkland (Isla Soledad).

This games uses a Falklands War adaptation of the hugely popular Chain of Command platoon level skirmish rules by Too Fat Lardies and 20mm scale miniatures.

The cost for the weekend is £15, which covers the cost of hiring the hall and lunch on each day. If you'd like to attend the event, please contact me by commenting below.

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