Thursday, April 4, 2013

Arctic Strike - the stock-taking

So how am I doing with a week and a half to go?

I've done:

The terrain cloths
The fjord
All of the fjord edges except for those at Bjerkvik
Medby village
Three significant hills
Enough streams
Lake Hartvik
Andy's Soviets (all done)
Richard's American/British battlegroup (mostly done)
Jamie's Finns (two HQs to finish)
My Swedes (pretty much done)
The rules
The air support cards

Still to do:

Elvegaardsmoen Camp
Dalberg village
That &^$£ing ice-breaker
Some extra, surprise terrain features
Collect Stuart's Norwegians from Doncaster
Finalise some of the logistical arrangements

Piece of cake!


Counterpane said...

Elvegaardsmoen Camp now built.
Stuart's army collected.
Bjerkvik well under way.

Counterpane said...

Logistical arrangements sorted.
Surprise terrain features mostly done.
Dalberg village done (I'm recycling some pieces from the last game).