Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Bjerkvik and Merseyside

Progress continues on the terrain for Crisis Point: Arctic Strike.  I've more or less completed the streams and all of the coastal sections apart from the northern edge of the fjord.  This last section is the bit occupied by the town of Bjerkvik.  This is underway but there's not much to see yet:

The large building on the right is the partially completed Bjerkvik church - very much the most recognisable building in the town.  It will sit on a grassy mound on the eastern edge of my model Bjerkvik.

Production was slowed down slightly this weekend by an Easter family visit "back home" to Merseyside which gave me a chance to once more photograph one of my favourite views:

... and to visit Fort Perch Rock at New Brighton:

... where we stumbled across this biography of a friend of the family:

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