Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Latest Woebetides models

I'm still pushing on with figures for a future Woebetides Sharp Practice collection.  The latest are these European infantry (seen here before I painted the bases).

Not a great photo but these are Warlord (ex-Wargames Factory) 28mm plastics.

I've painted them as the Irish Regiment de Clare, following one of the uniforms shown in the painting guide in the Infantry of the Sun King box.  The advantage of this approach is that I can use them as British troops if I need to because everyone else has decided to build Frenchies. Eight down, thirty two left to paint!

Next I'm working on the Foundry smugglers pack. I picked that up at Vapnartak and it contains four smugglers and three lots of "trade goods".  Pictures to follow soon.

My next game design activity is going to be thinking about how I can include non-military player characters in a Sharp Practice game. I have an increasingly comprehensive collection of civilian types, many of whom should have their own objectives in the campaign.  

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