Wednesday, March 6, 2024

Czechoslovakia 1948 - HQ units

My game for Crisis Point this year needs two Czechoslovak tactical HQ units to represent the location of the two player teams' command posts.

I had a couple of spare OPp3Ns (or as you probably know them SdKfz251/1s) left over so I knocked up these yesterday.  I cut down some Heroics and Ros gun crew and/or command figures to ride in the rear compartments and added a few Soviet infantry to decorate the bases.

Although I'll be using them with the TacWWII rules, the basing style is derived from, and will work well with, Blitzkrieg Commander

My intention for TacWWII is to treat the HQ stands like Jeep-mounted infantry in the standard rules. When in Bold Attack or March Mode they are targeted as if the depicted vehicle. In other modes they are spotted and shot at as if infantry.


Tales from Shed HQ said...

Very nice Mr C. Very much looking forward to the Crisis Point weekend 👍

Counterpane said...

Cheers Richard!