Friday, March 29, 2024

Just a week to Crisis Point

This time next week I'll hopefully be setting up the terrain for my Stary Boleslav game at Crisis Point. 

At this stage I'm pretty much ready in terms of game design and sorting out the models I need. I've knocked up some fleeing civilians:

And I've created some more markers to avoid the need to use the little cardboard ones that come with the TacWWII rules.

Instead the main job at the moment is cooking. I'm feeding 18 people at lunchtime on two consecutive days. The great advantage of switching Crisis Point to the village hall is that we have access to a fully fitted kitchen. 

Rather than spend time cooking each day I'll be reheating previously frozen meals. So far I've done two vegetarian curries, two big pans of scouse, and a massive chilli con carne. 

The chilli - it's a powerful one!

Cooking on the day will be limited to large quantities of rice to supplement the various bread products I'll be acquiring the day before.

Crisis Point has been such a focus of all my efforts over the last few weeks that other stuff has go one hold. Don't worry about the absence of updates on the Muddy River Blues campaign. That'll be up and running again once Crisis Point is out of the way.


Tales from Shed HQ said...

Can't wait. Really looking forward to the weekend 👍

Tales from Shed HQ said...

Fleeing civilians my arse!