The Pavis Project (updated)

I added this separate page to the blog to log the slow-moving progress of my project to game in the Big Rubble and Pavis using Song of Blades and Heroes.  I had in mind being able to set up a series of factions that could, Mordheim-style, be sent on missions into the Rubble to plunder or to disrupt the plans of others.  These included Lunars, Sartarite rebels and the Cult of Pavis. Things didn't develop entirely like that but Pavis has been a great setting for occasional games, especially when I need to accommodate multiple players for a fun, relaxed environment.

The after-action reports can be found here:

A Fight in the Big Rubble - an ad hoc game when a previous plan fell through.

Protect and Serve - the perils of policing the streets of the city.

Raid on Ogre Island - a three-way fight in the Rubble.

A Foggy Day in Pavis - another street fight, this time played via Skype at the start of lockdown.

A Treasure for Whitewall - three parallel games as the Lunars plan to flush out hidden rebels and a fight in the wastes leads to the discovery of an unexpected treasure.

The Liberation of Pavis - Argrath Whitebull's forces break into the city.

For now, here are some pictures I've collected as inspiration for the look of the Big Rubble:

Could this be near Pavis?

My Praxian cave-mouth was inspired by that picture:

The Azeri town of Agdam, left abandoned after being destroyed
by the Armenians

And, ironically, the ruined Armenian city of Ani in eastern Turkey

Somewhere in the city?

The Blind King's Castle?
Type D Ruins
Interior of a Rubble temple (but perhaps a little too tidy)

Again perhaps a little too tidy but a fine maze of ruins
Subashi of the Silk Road or the old Pavis Temple?
And finally, the Walls of Pavis from the Wastes?


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