The Pavis Project

Edit:  I'm now informed that the Pages function can't be used to crate a second stream of posts parallel to the first.  You can add a Page (like this one) but you can't then add further posts to it.  There may be a way to achieve a similar effect using Labels, which I'll investigate.  In the meantime I'll leave this page here as a reminder of what I'm setting out to achieve with the Pavis Project. 

I've added a separate section within the blog the log the slow-moving progress of my project to game in the Big Rubble of Pavis using Song of Blades and Heroes.  I have in mind being able to set up a series of factions that can, Mordheim-style, be sent on missions into the Rubble to plunder or to disrupt the plans of others.  These will include at least Lunars, Sartarite rebels and Trolls.  Probably the Cult of Pavis too.

For now, here are some pictures I've collected as inspiration for the look of the Big Rubble:

Could this be near Pavis?

The Azeri town of Agdam, left abandoned after being destroyed
by the Armenians

And, ironically, the ruined Armenian city of Ani in eastern Turkey

Somewhere in the city?

The Blind King's Castle?
Type D Ruins
Interior of a Rubble temple (but perhaps a little too tidy)

Again perhaps a little too tidy but a fine maze of ruins
Subashi of the Silk Road or the old Pavis Temple?
And finally, the Walls of Pavis from the Wastes?


Tales from Shed HQ said...

Looking forward to following 'Project Pavis'
Richard P

Tales from Shed HQ said...

I tried that on my blog then realised you couldn't add to it!
Richard P