Sunday, October 28, 2012

Ludicrously small-scale modelling

I need* some Haubits m/4140 howitzers for my 1/300th scale 1980s Swedish army.

A little research suggested that I could knock something up using the barrel of a Soviet D30 122mm howitzer and the cruciform baseplate of a German 88mm flak gun.  Heroics and Ros provided the 88s and Richard Phillips kindly sent me eight D-30s with the request that I make four for him as well as the four I need.

Here's the prototype on the factory floor.  The black square by the way is the 30mm square base it's to eventually sit on:

The cruciform chassis has had its legs bent downwards.  The D-30 gun has had its huge breech-block shortened and the muzzle break cut off.  I've then added a length of Slater's Microstrip under the barrel to represent the recoil gear.  Finally I've started to add the distinctive square muzzle break using Liquid Green Stuff.

Here's the stockpile of parts for the next seven!

And here's the prototype with tiny (2.5mm) lengths of plastic rod to represent the distinctive balancing gear alongside the barrel.  Not sure I can be arsed putting these on all eight!  I'll paint this one before I make up my mind about the whole batch.

* At least Bruce Rea-Taylor's By Air and Sea suggests that I need them but I've recently come across a website that suggests they were withdrawn during the 1960s; hey ho!


Tales from Shed HQ said...

They look fantastic, Great Work. Look forward to seeing them all complete.

If they are good enough for Mr Rea-Taylor they are good enough to include. I have a modern Italian artillery unit in production which is transported by mules! All thanks to his great 'By Air and Sea' lists.



Counterpane said...

Cheers, Richard. Painting is now underway. Report to come!