Monday, October 29, 2012

Rangers Lead The Way

Next unit completed for Arctic Strike are these; 1/75th Ranger Battalion.

The unit consists of two HQs, two HMGs, twelve Ranger rifle platoons, and six M79 Dragon ATGWs.  Realistically, it could have more Dragons but this organisation is what you can build from a bag each of Heroics and Ros US Infantry and US Infantry Support Weapons.  Now I just need to find a use for all the spare TOW launcher teams!

.50" cal HMGs (with cat litter rocks)
HQ units.  In CWC they represent the command and control capabilities
of the battalion; not necessarily actual real life command sub-units. 
These Rangers total about 1,000 points in CWC.  The plan i that they'll be the first of a few such units (for both sides) that I organise so that there are troops for any visitors to try out during Arctic Strike.

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Tales from Shed HQ said...

I was thinking along similar lines but also adding the possibility of the units being reinforcements as well as available for visitors.

Nice job on the Rangers you have been a busy Richard!