Saturday, October 6, 2012

On the Workbench - Ice-breaker!

This was going to be a secret project for the Crisis Point: Arctic Strike, the big Cold War Commander game coming up in Spring 2013 but discussions on the Yahoogroup have tipped my hand.

It's a 1/285th scale model of the USS Burton Island, a 1950s US Navy (and later US Coastguard) ice-breaker.  The box art suggests that it's a limited edition reissue of a old kit.

The completed model will be about 28cm long with a beam of about 7cm - quite a tubby little craft.

My current dilemmas are how far to continue with the build before I start applying paint and how far to continue with the build before I cut it down to the waterline.


Sam said...

Oh, now that is cool! Was this a model you had known about for a while?

I think you are going to want to cut it down to the waterline before you add any paint.

Counterpane said...

Nope, I found one on a stall at my local market and just knew I had to have one!

Water-lining tomorrow, I think.