Friday, February 1, 2013

Arctic Strike - the Bjerkvik Table

I'm supplying the terrain for one of the tables for this Spring's Crisis Point: Arctic Strike game in Dungworth.  It'll be a 6' x 8' table and it's going to need a lot of hills, streams and trees as well as a fjord and a lake.  Here's the initial draft map.  No hills shown yet but you can see where they will be by looking at where the streams originate.

Lake Hartvik (Hartvikvatnet in Norwegian) is currently under construction.  Phase one saw the cutting out of the base and the application of cork bark, foamcore and filler to make the banks.

Then I looked back at the map and realised I'd left no room for the streams that drain into and from the lake!  A quick hack with a Stanley knife fixed that.

Also under development are a batch of trees made from squirrel-chewed pine cones:

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