Sunday, September 1, 2013

Captured Building Markers

Next year's Crisis Point: Andreivia game is going to revolve, in part, around certain factions' attempts to capture buildings from each other.  I thought it would be nice to have some visually attractive way of showing which factions held which locations from the start so I made these:

Left to right: Flags of the Andreivian Turks, the Andreivian Armenians,
and the Andreivian Government.  
The bases are pennies with a blob of Green Stuff in the centre surrounded by my Mark II Basing Gloop (brown acrylic paint, PVA, and sand).  The Green Stuff has a hole drilled into it but the flags are not permanently attached.  This makes for easier storage and also means that I need fewer bases than flags as I can just swap over the flags when a building changes hands.

Steve Carr produced the flag designs some time ago.  I simply copied and flipped them in a drawing package so I had:

Reversed flag - narrow white strip - Forwards flag (reversing only necessary for the Turk flag)

The flags were then printed out on an ordinary colour printer, cut out with a sharp knife and then glued around the flagpoles (brass wire) with clear Evostick or Uhu adhesive. This stays wet long enough to allow you to add the folds by bending the flag round a rod (I use an unfolded large paper clip).

Thanks are due to Will McNally for the flag-making technique.

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Tales from Shed HQ said...

Hi Richard,

The flags look great. I am planning something similar for next years 6mm game to show objectives.


Richard P