Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Last Year's To Do List

Last September I wrote down a list of the things I planned to do (wargaming-wise) in the coming twelve months.

Play at least one Tabletop Teaser using Basic Impetus.  Done.

Finish the Advance to Bleid Campaign.  No, still one scenario to do.  Painting still underway.

Upgrade my WW2 British 20mm figures and organise them around a core representing an infantry platoon.  Done, although I’ve never presented the figures here.

Play another 28mm Wars of the Roses game with Basic Impetus.  Didn’t get that one done so it’s going on this year’s list.

Put together enough terrain to do a small urban combat game using Arc of Fire.  No, that’s another one I haven’t done but I have recently produced a suitable base board, so who knows?

Get some suitable rules and terrain to do a pulp game.  Definitely managed this one.

Play at least one game of Black Powder.   This set of rules just never got to the top of the pile.

Play at least one game of Polemos GNW.  I’ve persevered with these rules for a couple of years but can’t get my head around them.  I even tried rewriting them by removing all of the elements that weren’t relevant to the two armies I possess but I still can’t summon up the enthusiasm to get them to the table.

Play at Least one game of Sharp Practice.  Done.  I shall certainly play more.

Organise Crisis Point 2012.  Done.  I built a 6’x8’ table’s worth of terrain.  I completed four battlegroups (Soviet reservists, Finns, Swedes, and a mixed NATO light infantry group).  I also rebased George’s British battlegroup and built an ice-breaker. 


Phil said...

Very nice work, love the War of the Rose unit!

Fire at Will said...

I'm sure your teachers would have liked to see your assessment of your overall performance ;-)

Counterpane said...

I think it's more about work than school. The obsession with performance indicators seems to have died down a bit though.

Perhaps a balanced scorecard assessment is called for?