Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Holiday Gaming part 3 - More Pulp Alley

The second gaming session of the Christmas break period saw three more games, this time all of Pulp Alley.

On New Year’s Eve, I refereed a mini-campaign for Millie, Jamie, Gus, Richard, and Andy.  The idea for the plot was stolen from, sorry inspired by, a scenario in the rule book of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer RPG.  Betsy Baker, a nerdy Sunnydale High School student, spurned by the cooler kids, sets out to get revenge by summoning fictional enemies from across the universe to wreak havoc in the town.

We initially played two games.  The first was a two-handed game between Buffy and her friends (run by Jamie) and an enemy league consisting of Angelus, Spike and Drusilla (run by Gus).  This was another chance to use my dungeon terrain; to act as the tunnels and sewers so beloved of the writers of BTVS.

Scenario 1 set-up

Simultaneously, the League of Super Evil (Millie), the crew of the Heart of Gold (Richard) and a group of Pan Tangian pirates led by Jhary-A-Conel (Andy) found themselves in a mysterious, misty, ruined city (my Pavis terrain) battling for control of a dimensional gateway that might lead them back to their home worlds. 

Scenario 2 set-up

The Tunnels Under Sunnydale scenario went quickly as the characters sped through the tunnels.
Angelus arrives late - delayed by a scenario event.

In the Ruined City, Millie's League of Super Evil (in the form of Jessica von Troken) quickly captured the first plot point and with it a key to the Dimensional Gateway.

Jessica von Token achieves the first Plot Point.

Richard (rear) and Jamie (right foreground) sport the I-have-the-initiative
hats for their respective games. 
The main Plot Point for Tunnels Under Sunnydale was the Field Generator; a piece of high tech equipment wired up to a strange, crudely sculpted statuette.  There was also a small area of standing water which, if explored would have revealed the presence of a previously unsuspected ladder leading down into the main chamber of the tunnels.  The latter Plot Point was never achieved so no-one had the option of an additional entry point for our afternoon scenario.

Buffy and Willow examine the Field Generator whilst Giles consults
his books for how to avoid a Scorpionman (perilous area).
On the other table, Jessica von Troken managed to activate the Gateway and members of all of the leagues ran to take advantage.

The Pan Tangians dash for the Gateway

After lunch of chestnut soup and homemade bread we started the second scenario.  This saw all five leagues in the tunnels attempting to find the hidden door leading to Betsy Baker's control room.

Game 3 set-up 

This third game proved a bit long-winded with the profusion of extremely hazardous areas, centred on creatures summoned by the Field Generator, causing serious delays.  Infighting between the leagues didn’t help progress.

Davros and a Dalek prove troublesome to members of three
separate leagues.
In the end, Willow managed to open the secret door and Buffy destroyed Betsy Baker’s consoles only for the demon powering the equipment to emerge into the control room!

Willow opens the secret door...

... leading to Betsy's control room.
For a long time Angelus made repeated attempts to murder Jimbo the Monkey (from Millie’s league).  Eventually, Jimbo fled towards the control room where his Gadget X could be used to defeat the Demon and win the game.  

Unfortunately for Millie, Jimbo was suddenly caught and despatched by Trillian who, taking the Gadget,  sneaked past the brawling Buffy and Jhary-A-Conel to defeat the Demon and gain Richard a campaign win!

Buffy and Jhary duel for the right to attack the Demon

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Great game! Loving the 'I have initiative' hats. Brilliant, Jamie looks so happy to wearing his!

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