Monday, September 1, 2014

End of Year Review

And so, with the arrival of September, we reach the end of another wargaming year.  My painting diary for the year from September 2013 shows that I've reduced the size of the lead pile in all but one category:

  • Buildings and terrain - 91 items completed, 55 new ones acquired
  • 6mm scale vehicles - 1 painted, none added
  • 6mm scale infantry, artillery and cavalry units - 21 completed, 4 acquired
  • 20mm scale figures - 53 finished, 28 added to the pile
  • 20mm scale guns / vehicles - 11 done, 4 more acquired
  • 20mm scale aircraft - 2 finished, 2 more acquired
  • 20mm vessels - one completed , none bought, and
  • 28mm figures - 55 completed, 54 bought.

The focus has been quite different last previous year when the emphasis was on 20mm models, and the year before, when my 6mm lead pile was being finished off.  This time the attractions of Pulp Alley and Song of Blades and Heroes have pushed me to complete far more 28mm figures than I would otherwise have painted.

This year I also set myself some targets:

  • Organise Crisis Point III - DONE
  • Play at least one 18th century 6mm scale game - DONE (though at the start of the year I thought I'd be using Black Powder or 18thC POW rather than Maurice)
  • Play a big game of Sixth Fleet - not done yet
  • Finish the Advance to Bleid campaign from Rommel's Route to Verdun - nope; still got to finish painting enough WW1 German and French infantry
  • Play some more pulp - DONE (though Pulp Alley has replaced .45 Adventure)
  • Get my WW2 Germans and French based for Blitzkrieg Commander - not done but I've made pretty good progress (and decided I have too many of some models).
All in all I'm pretty pleased with the progress made.  Several bits of the collection that were incoherent mixes of figures are now properly constituted armies (or leagues, or warbands). 

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Tales from Shed HQ said...

A good year by the sound of it. Crisis Point III was a great weekend and I am busy building more and more buildings for 2015! I need to set out some goals for 2015 as I really want to get started on my Pulp stuff and I need to finish off my 6mm Czechs and Soviet Airborne.
Richard P