Saturday, July 17, 2021

Some More Woebetides Characters

It's a lovely day outside so I thought I'd take a pic of some of the more recently finished denizens of the Woebetide Islands.

On the left we have Josephine de Pommefrite, the daughter of the French comptoir. She is a spirited young lady not above getting herself into trouble. Fascinated by the stories told by the Arab merchants visiting Port Charles, she has taught herself the local dialect of Arabic in an attempt to extend her knowledge.

In the centre we see Constanza, Countess Czerwinska. This Polish noblewoman was widowed on the voyage home from India. She finds herself stranded in Port James. She is vivacious and witty and has become a strong favourite among the local officers of the British East India Company.

Finally we have Sir Warwick Bimble. He has been described as "a man of no discernible talent".

All three of these will be available as support choices to forces of the appropriate side. They may (or may not) prove useful when the respective councils of war allocate tasks between the available forces.


Tales from Shed HQ said...

Excellent 👍 "no discernable talent" Love it 😂

Counterpane said...

Cheers Richard! And yet he's still a potentially useful support choice!