Saturday, July 24, 2021

Woebetides Terrain Test

I thought I'd get some of the Woebetides terrain I've done so far set up for a photo shoot.

The Borno River seen from above AlHuq.
French naval landing force in the foreground.
French sailors storm up the beach having landed
from their longboat.
Their sharpshooters are already ashore heading 
for the rock outcrop beside the river.

French gunners have landed their piece from
a hired dhow. They haven't spotted Lt Streete
and Sir Warwick Bimble on a nearby rooftop.

A British waggon comes under attack as Woebetideus
tribesmen suddenly emerge from the elephant grass.

Who are these mysterious types emerging from the forest?


Tales from Shed HQ said...

Looking good mate. Can't wait to see the whole table set up 👍

Counterpane said...


Al Smut next to be set up I think.