Sunday, June 26, 2022

CWC II at The Unit

On Saturday, ten of the Cold War Commanders group gathered at Richard Phillips's new gaming location The Unit to play a bit of second edition Cold War Commander.

The unit is part of a converted barn near Stone in Staffordshire. It has room for the kind of table that the Commanders revel in, six feet wide and I'd guess about 24 feet long...

Second edition author Mark Fry is a member of the group and he was kept busy all day answering questions, discussing rules design choices and attempting to hold off my East German tank regiment with a Netherlands recce battalion.

Alan, Rodger and Mark

At one point Mark got himself sufficiently organised to call in air support in the form of a Royal Netherlands Air Force Starfighter. We didn't take the piss out of Mark too badly for accidentally using Czechoslovak Air Force roundels...

Mark tried to target my motor rifle battalion who were about to assault his troops. Mark needed to make a command roll on 2d6 requiring less than the forward observer's Command Value (about 7 I think).  

At this point I said, "I'd like to see sixes".

The resulting roll on the Command Blunder table saw the forward observer forced to fall back with his Command Value reduced by three!

Actually it turned out I'd cocked up Richard's carefully designed scenario by bringing on my whole Regiment on the first turn. Apparently I was supposed to arrive one battalion at a time!

I was able to get across the Elbe-Seitenkanal using the T-72s' deep wading gear and the BMPs' amphibious capability.

The East Germans are across the canal!

A Dutch company uses its amphibious capability to 

It was really enjoyable to meet up with the guys again - including Alan and Rodger who I hadn't seen since before the Great Unpleasantness.

More pictures can be seen at Andy's blog

And finally, the scenery on the table was lovely (thanks Richard) but not a patch on that when I was driving home over the Peak District.

And we get to do it all again next weekend at Joy of Six!


Tales from Shed HQ said...

Great to see you at the Unit mate 👍 Always a good day when the Cold War Commanders get together and especially so with Rodger and Alan playing for the first time since 2018 I believe. Always love that drive when I come over to Storrs. See you Sunday 👍

Counterpane said...

Cheers Richard! Looking forward to Joy of Six!

Steve J. said...

That is a lovely looking game for sure and I wish I could make it to Sheffield for the show, but sadly previous commitments mean I can't. These games take me back to CWC some 10 or more years ago and have tipped me to going down the 6mm route for my games again:).

Counterpane said...

Go for it Steve. 6mm has a lot going for it in terms of cost and storage requirements.