Sunday, January 29, 2023

Another ACW Officer

The box of figures I bought from Richard P recently contained rather more Union officers than I really need for Sharp Practice games. And they are probably Union officers as they have the rectangular shoulder tabs as rank badges rather than the knots of cuff lace more typically worn by Rebel officers.

Looking through Phillip Katcher's The American Soldier (which is basically a collation of colour plates from Osprey Men At Arms books) it occurred to me that I could use an officer model to represent an army surgeon. 

This webpage would also have been useful if I'd found it before I finished painting the figure!

One of the available figures looked suitable but for the fact that he was brandishing a sword in a most unmedical way! I replaced the sword-holding hand with one from the spares box and added a sword hilt to the scabbard from the same source.

He wears a green sword sash and has green shoulder rank badges. The latter, I understand, makes him more likely to be a US Army surgeon rather than a surgeon attached to a state volunteer regiment.

The sword isn't the right pattern (and I'm prepared to live with that) but the all-metal scabbard is certainly appropriate.

The hand I added was slightly too small so I built up the cuff and the hand with Green Stuff. If you look closely you'll see that I didn't bother resculpting all of the fingers. As a result this medic will be noted in scenarios as being Major Jakob "Six-fingered Jake" Schultz - the most feared (by his own side) man in the Mississippi Marine Brigade.