Saturday, March 18, 2023

A bit of an experiment

Concentrating on a single wargaming project seems to be beyond me at present. 28mm ACW and Punic Wars, 15mm Samurai and 20mm WW2 toys have all found their way across my workbench in recent days. And now it's 6mm WW2! 

I recently saw a Youtube video in which a gamer uses different styles of tuft to distinguish between platoons in an O Group infantry company. It struck me that I could use a similar approach to mark members of a particular company in TacWW2 games.

I picked nine T-34/85 platoon bases out of storage. Their bases already had various grades of flock and static grass so I tried adding distinctively coloured material in particular locations. Here's the result.

The rear and centre companies are marked with bushes made by dipping clump foliage in PVA and then rolling them in different colours of flock while the lead company has Gamers Grass 2mm tufts.

Quite pleased with how this worked out. I'll have to try it on some infantry later.


pancerni said...

Shrubbery as Identity markers. Idea approved!

Counterpane said...

Cheers pancerni!