Monday, September 3, 2012

Berkeley 2012 Pictures - Day 1

Here are my pictures from Saturday at the 2012 Berkeley Hordes of the Things tournament.  Click to embiggen.

Saunders V Colonists vs Cannibal Horde (Gordon Malcolm)


The grav tanks arrive but too late to save the colonists from the cannibals!

This is Amy.  Amy's lovely.  This did not stop my Morokanth
destroying her Persians utterly.  They're like that, Morokanths.
Morokanth vs Persians.  Note the words of advice on the back of the
Morokanth Stronghold.
Morokanth destroying Persians utterly.

Battle of the Jameses - Ewins left, Crawley right.

L to R: Gordon Malcolm, James Ewins, Steve Harris, Jamie Crawley

Strangers in Pavis: Morokanth vs Mike Shepherd's rather splendid Chinese.
Morokanth vs Weeping Angels!
Two of the McGlynn boys - fearsome opponents!
I've just noticed how much McGlynn junior resembles
Sebastian Vettel in this picture.
Sunday Pictures later!


BigRedBat said...

Looks fun Richard! I'm feeling all nostalgic.


Desert Scribe said...

Nice! I need a reminder about my Lurkers on the back of my stronghold. Of course, it won't do me any good when I'm attacking.

Jane Williams said...

Those Persians look a lot like Lunars to me, and as such, *need* to be destroyed utterly.

I have Hordes with back banners that say "redeploy me" :)