Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Berkeley 2012 Pictures - Day 2

Some pictures of Day 2.  Click to enlarge.

Another day another McGlynn - Alan this time.
Alan's army - Vietnam War Americans plus some big blue bloke (apparently
from the Watchmen comics.

Against Pete Duckworth I decided a ridge would make an interesting
feature.  It did but of course I ended up with the Bad Going to cross.

Pete is one of the nicest blokes by whom you could
be utterly thrashed at HOTT.  I know; it's happened
to me frequently. 
My Northern Union, an army based on Rugby League teams.

Thrashing in progress (though I did get one outside chance of a
kill on William the Bastard).
Dwarves on stilts.

Dwarves vs Jack-o-Bears.  That's a Dwarf Shooter element on the right.

An innovative orientation for my Chaos army's Stronghold.

An appalling run of PIP die rolling meant that my army spent most of
the game in this position.  Game drawn.

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