Wednesday, September 19, 2012

George's Battlegroup

It's been a while since I posted.  Post-Berkeley malaise I guess.

I've now finished rebasing the 6mm scale British troops that George bought at Crisis Point.  They were based for Modern Spearhead but I've rebased them for Cold War Commander as that's what George is likely to be playing.  Clickable pics all.

The tanks - a Chieftain regiment reinforced by a squadron of Challengers.

Battlegroup HQ - left to right:
Spartan MCT, Forward Air Controller's Spartan, CO, Recce Scorpian,
and Tracked Rapier (rear).
The Drop Shorts - six Abbotts and the FAO.
Queen of the Battlefield - a Mechanised Infantry Battalion in FV432s.
This is what I wrote for George:

33 Brigade Battlegroup

Battlegroup HQ
1x CO, 1x FAC, 1x Recce Scorpion, 1x Spartan MCT, 1x TR-1 Tracked Rapier

17th/21st Lancers
2x HQ, 1x Recce Scimitar, 9x Chieftain Mk 9

C Sqn, 2nd Royal Tank Regt (attached)
3x Challenger I

1st Bn, The Green Howards
1x HQ, 3x Milan 1, 9x Regular Infantry (with Carl Gustav), 12x FV432 

47 Field Regt, Royal Artillery
1x FAO, 6x Abbott

This is the proposed organisation for Crisis Point 2 - Arctic Strike. In our story the Brigade was ordered into Denmark to oppose the Warsaw Pact landings there and was subsequently cut off.  A daring amphibious operation saw the British force rescued from Zealand and transferred to Oslo Fjord in Norway where they now find themselves opposing more Soviet forces.

You could also use this force for one-off games set during a fictional Warsaw Pact invasion of West German any time between the introduction of Spartan MCT in 1986 and the retirement of Chieftain in 1995.  Drop the Spartan MCT and you can go back to 1983.

If you remove the Challengers you can use this army for any game set from about 1975 onwards.  Finally if you remove the Milans, Scimitar and Scorpion you could use the army for battles set as far back as 1967 when Chieftains were first introduced (but you might want to add a couple of Ferret armoured cars for recce purposes).


Tales from Shed HQ said...

Great Work Richard, I bet George is pleased. Really like the back story for their inclusion in Crisis Point 2013. I will cut and paste the Battlegroup details into the Orbat I am compiling so we have a record of all units taking part.


Richard P

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Nice kit

I always shudder when I see a hypothetical "what if" Cold War army ...

Just glad it never happened and the mushroom clouds were averted

Counterpane said...

Yeah, it's pretty much the war I'd have been dragged into when I left university, I guess. A scary thought at the time but an interesting historical what-if now.