Tuesday, May 23, 2023

More on TacWWII - revised slightly

I plan to use some house rules in the Prague Summer TacWWII game. Some of them are a subset of ones I've been using for some time, others are attempts to include things that I've liked in other sets of rules. 

A couple of new rules for recce elements:

At the start of the Order Transmission Phase a recce unit that has located enemy one or more enemy units may elect to communicate with its parent headquarters subject to a successful Tac roll. The recce unit may move this turn but may not fire. A headquarters unit may reroll a failed Tac roll (for any purpose) for each subordinate recce unit that successfully communicated with it. 

If a recce unit subordinate to a battalion headquarters has located one or more enemy units, all units in that battalion are assumed to have succeeded in their location Tac rolls.

Hopefully those changes will encourage the proper use of recce units.

Recce and HQ units in cars or light trucks are treated like motorcyclists in terms of never having to declare mounted/dismounted. They are spotted or shot at as vehicles if in Bold Attack or March, otherwise as infantry.

Changed all references from Default/DT to Confused/CON for consistency with Arc of Fire as I play a lot of the latter and get Confused myself!

Optional rule to allow units in Defence or Prepared Defence to get an extra +1 if defending hard cover.

"Ridgeline" is now an alternative to "Rise" in the terrain types. I prefer linear representations of line-of-sight-blocking terrain to one contour hills.

Where it's desirable to include a model to represent only one or two real-world vehicles (eg the Czechoslovak railcar) the weapon may only fire in Fire Phase C.


I may use a communication net diagram for each side rather than the simple Company-Battalion-Brigade-Division track.

Artillery requests must specify the duration of the fire mission. I've added rules to specify how fire missions may be terminated early.








Steve J. said...

Those Recce rules sound good and as you say, hopefully it will encourage 'historical' use of these units.

Counterpane said...

Cheers Steve. I'll report back.

Counterpane said...

The recce rules shown above are slightly tweaked since the original posting here to encourage the forward deployment of recce. You don't get any advantage from having your recce units sitting behind a hill and making pointless location Tac rolls.