Saturday, May 18, 2013

Triples 2013 - Saturday

Saturday morning spent at Triples doing a bit of shopping.

First up I visited Irregular Miniatures to get some of their 6mm scale renaissance models for me developing Polish army.  Unfortunately they were a bit short of the relevant figures and in scrabbling through their boxes looking for possible substitutes I decided I wasn't happy with the quality of models I was seeing.  I made up my mind to visit Baccus 6mm instead.

First, though, I hunted for and found a copy of 18th Century Principles of War which I want to evaluate for use with my GNW Russian and Turks (and possibly the Poles too).

I then popped over to the Wargames Developments table and spent half an hour playing their new WW1 game "Ten Rounds Rapid".  This was, as usual with WD, great fun. Playing as a battalion commander in the British Expeditionary Force at Mons I just about managed to hold the line with the Germans only gaining a tenuous lodgement in my first line at the end of the action.

The set up - probably the smallest game at Triples.

John Armatys ran the game for my run through.

The Germans draw close to the British first line.

And at one point launch a close assault.
After Ten Rounds Rapid I decided to bite the bullet (musket ball?) and buy the Baccus Polish Army Pack.  I now have to paint three units of Hussars, four of Vallacks and twelve of Pancerni.  Unfortunately the pack was lacking the bag of Generals it should have contained.  I'll have to go back tomorrow and sort this out.

I managed to chat briefly with Carl and meet his wife Maggie.  Also saw Stuart and Andy but missed Pete altogether and only saw Will for a moment whilst I was busy defending plucky Belgium from the Hun!


Pete Jones said...

Thankfully Richard and I managed to meet on the Sunday so it was great catching up discussing Wargaming and Rugby League

Fire at Will said...

Richard, I thought I would find you again later, but no luck. Will you be popping over to Phalanx?

Counterpane said...

Frayed knot. Saturdays in June are eaten up by taking one or other or both of the twins to various university open days. Saturday 15th is Sheffield Hallam University.

I'd like to try Phalanx one year though; maybe 2014?